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My Safe Haven

Yesterday I didn’t want to leave my bedroom,and I didn’t. I have felt this way many times on the past. I feel safe in my little shelter,away from life and people that make me not want to leave my room.
I wanted to lock myself away from the world, like a monk who lives in the silence of a secluded cave searching for spiritual renewal. I wanted to find some kind of spiritual renewal and peace for my heart and soul.
I can hide myself away from my responsibilities,my family and friends. I can stay in my ‘cave’ forever and reflect on my life,the state of our planet and its inhabitants. That would be easy,but I would miss all the people that make my heart smile. I also read that a life lived in solitude can lead to a mental breakdown and I don’t want that. Living in the real world though,and coming into contact with people who cause us grief, can also lead to a mental or nervous breakdown.
I have decided that the only way to learn more about myself and other human beings is to continue to experience life,the ups the downs,the good and the bad.
I will try to shy away from the people that drain my energy and blacken my aura leaving me distressed.
Us humans and all the knowledge we possess are not perfect,but it’s not hard to be kind and respectful to each other,to tolerate and accept each others differences and beliefs.
I have learnt many lessons on my journey through this life so far. I know I have much more to learn in the future.
Today it’s back to life and work.
My safe haven will always be here for me to reflect and heal,and hopefully,learn from whatever comes my way.